Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dazed and Confused

Had a good night's sleep after a can of Grolsch last night. Woke up blurr blurr, felt like I was sleeping for days, so I checked what time it was, and .... Sizzling Rat Nuggets!! WTF? My room split to different time zones ah??

Geek portion of my room (computer clock, Internet time, electronic time telling devices) all say 10:30am, human portion of my room (where my bedside clock, watch, body clock) all say 11:30am.

w..w..w.. DOT.. g..o..o...g..l..e.. DOT .. c..o..m.. => "missing hour 30 october"

Found this: Daylight Saving Clock - When we change our clock

Oh yeah. Now I recall. We were on British Summer Time (BST) / Daylight Saving Time, and today is the transition date.

Thank you pakcik google.

10:30am.. still early.. back to sleep :)


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