Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dipping in Sriracha Hot Sauce

Best way to taste a sauce, is to take a shot off a teaspoon. A dangerous advice when it comes to Hot Sauces, but I suspected that this one I could handle.

How did it fare? Well, it was a little dissapointing on the spiciness factor. With cilipadi as a yardstick, say normalised to 10, I would presume that Sriracha falls somewhere between 6 to 8. rated sriracha at about 2200 Scoville Units, which makes it equivalent the mid-ranges of Tabasco Sauces.

However, where it lost out in spiciness, it gained in taste! It has a sweet and source base ala tomato ketchup, but with a distinct garlic aftertaste. Something like the sauce you usually get when ordering Siu Mai or Lo Mai Kai, but a little less sweetness and a little more bang!

That makes it perfect for my experimental cooking! I love garlic in my food, but can't afford garlic (it costs about 20p per garlic here. I haven't been here long enough to be willing pay RM1.40 for one lousy garlic, thank you very much). I finally found a perfect substitute!

My first dish - Stir fried Lamb and mixed vege, marinated with Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce and Sriracha Hot Chilli Garlic sauce.

The side dish at the far end is Braised Brussels Sprout. It's buttery with a hint of bitterness. Goes well with the sweet and spicy main dish.

It turned out marvelous! Two thumbs up for Sriracha Sauce.

After a few bites, I realised it just wasn't spicy enough, so I sprinkled some dried Bird's Eye Chilli and added more Sriracha.

Still not hot enuff! Had to douse each mouthful with more Sriracha.

Yummy. Can't wait to get the Great White Shark Hot Sauce. Go, Project Framing Glasshopper go!!!


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