Saturday, October 08, 2005

Nori Noodles with Savoury Toppings

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Saturday afternoons, ideal for experimental cooking!

Evolving from the Yin Yang Pasta recipe, the Nori Noodles with Savoury Toppings was born.

This dish comes in two parts - the noodles, and the toppings. Either cook them simultaneously (if you're OK with multi-tasking), or separately starting with the toppings. Combine and server immediately after noodles are cooked.

The toppings:
1. Stir fry chopped onions in oil till fragrant and slightly brown
2. Throw in the mushrooms and mince pork (marinated with some oyster sauce, tomato ketchup, dark+light soya sauce)
3. Stir fry till you believe that the meat is cooked :p

The noodles:
1. Boil in pot till soft
2. Strain out the water
3. Add butter to noddles and mix well
4. Add a little soya sauce and shreaded Nori (海苔)
5. Serve on plate, and top with generous amount of, err... toppings.


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