Sunday, December 04, 2005

Double-click: Still alive!

Second cookie - Plain Ol' Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Not as sweet, but just as lembik as the previous. Confirm lah, not the jam's fault. Something wrong with my M4d b8k'ng sk1LLz.

Tried imagining that it was a chocolate bar, sweet and chewy. Wasn't that bad after that.

Ammo status:
* Plain Choc Chip
* Rasberry Jam
* Corn Flakes
* Parmesan Cheese
* Pesto
* Great White Shark Hot Sauce!! (AARRRGHHH!!!)


That aside, had my head buried in this for the last few days:
Spinodal decomposition occurs when a fluid mixture of two species A and B, forming a single homogeneous phase at high temperature, undergoes spontaneous demixing following a sudden temperature quench. For compositions close to 50/50, one enters the ‘spinodal’ regime in which the initial homoge- neous phase is locally unstable to small fluctuations. There then arises, after an early period of interdiffusion, a bicontinuous domain structure in which patches of A-rich and B-rich fluid are separated by sharply defined interfaces. In this late-stage structure, the local compositions of the fluid patches correspond to those of the two bulk phases in coexistence; the interfacial tension approaches its equilibrium value. Local interfacial curvature causes stresses to arise, which drive fluid motion; for a deep quench, diffusion ceases to contribute directly to coarsening. The interface then evolves smoothly with time between isolated ‘pinch-off events’ or topological reconnections. For a bicontinuous structure in 3D, pinchoff events provide the coarsening mechanism whereas the reverse process of coalescence is rarely seen.

Taken from: The New Journal of Physics, Volume 3 (May 2001), article 9: “Interfacial dynamics in 3D binary fluid demixing: animation studies” by I. Pagonabarraga, J.-C. Desplat, A. J. Wagner and M. E. Cates.
*ThorHuik!* (translation: Hematemesis)

No lah, I'm not that scientific. I'm just processing/visualising some of the raw data taken from similar experiements. All I needed from that paragraph was a rought idea of "what's what" in order to visualise the right thing.

It freaked me out real bad on the first read though. Had to rush to the fridge for some beer just to stay sane...


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