Sunday, October 09, 2005

Double-cheese mushroom burger

Originally uploaded by shawnchin.
Woke up with a sudden craving for Burger King's Mushroom Swiss burger.

It didn't take long for the idea bulb to light up (with a cheesy *ding* sound-effect)!! I have some cheese, Closed Cup mushroom and mince pork, ... I could make my own!

1. dump chopped mushroom and mince meat in bowl
2. season with oyster sauce and dark soysa sauce
3. Add half an egg yolk (use the rest of the egg for an omelette. Goes great with the burger) to make it stick.
4. Mix well, shape it, fry over medium heat!
5. insert into buttered bun along with some vege, ketchup, and the omelette
6. lay the cheese directly over the hot burger to let it melt.

The hash browns completed the package :)


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