Sunday, October 30, 2005

Triple layer Sriracha sandwich

Couldn't get enough of Sriracha, so I came up with another meal dedicated to it. The triple layer Sriracha sandwich! Wholesome, filling, balanced, sloppy, and rewarding!!

* Wholemeal bread (3 pieces)
* Several leaves of Iceburg Lettuce
* German Salami (2 pieces)
* Smoke Mackerel (err.. some)
* Cheddar Cheese (1 slice)
* Egg (1, or 2,.. buckle my shoe)
* Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce (LOTS)

Layer 1:

Lay lettuce over bread. Top with mashed Smoked Mackerel. Criss-cross surface with Sriracha.

Layer 2:

Lay another piece of bread, more lettuce, and a fried egg. Once again, criss-cross with Sriracha.

Why keep laying with lettuce? First of all, it's supposed to be healthy. Secondly, it seperates the soggy stuff from the bread, helping to maintain the structure of the sandwich.

Layer 3:

Layer 3 is prepared separately from the first two.

Same thing, bread, lettuce, then the Salami. Slather generously with Sriracha.

Then, overlay with a slice of cheddar, a little more Sriracha for good measures, and microwave for about 40 seconds (or until the cheese starts to melt). The bread will end up a little soggy (This is the reason why layer 3 is prepared separately - don't want to soggify the whole sandwich).

You may also want to wait a while for the cheese to harden a little before proceeding with the next step. The cheese will hold all the goodies together, saving you from a great big mess.

Once done, quickly flip it over the first two layers to complete the sandwich!

Final Product:
The triple layer Sriracha Sandwich. Melts in your mouth, and all over your hands!

* As an afterthought, it would have been better if layer 1 and 2 were swapped. Would make it more structurally balanced, and bring out a better mixture in taste. Will try that next time.


At January 04, 2012 1:06 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously HEAVENLY! so so good


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