Thursday, November 24, 2005

Blog plug: Dilbert's Blog

(bz bz as a bee. Hit-and-run post today)

For those of you who enjoy Dilbert, here's a blog you'll love: Dilbert's Blog

Yeah, it's by the Man himself, Scott Adams.

A quick excerpt of a recent entry:
Recently I killed thousands more people. I don’t have exact numbers yet. The problem stems from my comic that ran on 11-20-05, implying that retail stores might harvest organs from bad customers and sell them on eBay. I’ve received dozens of letters (long ones!) from very angry people who assure me that the Dilbert comic will reduce the number of organ donors. The concern is that people will think their parts will end up on eBay and so they won’t be inspired to donate.

Very entertaining read. Hop over there. Quickly!


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