Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Gift ideas: NEC 343i phone for i-mode

This is one of those phones that are just, well, phones. Full stop.

It's a non-pretentious decent looking phone with limited fancy-mancy 'look ma my phone is also a radio / mp3player / gamestation / vibrator' features. It's for someone who wants a phone, that acts like a phone, work like a phone, and looks like an iPod. Heh.

O2 seems to be pushing this phone along with their i-mode services.

From : phones4u
i-mode is the new mobile internet service available with the NEC 343i. Giving access to a huge range of websites specially designed for viewing on your mobile, i-mode allows you to exchange email at a touch of a button. Simply press the ‘i’ key on the NEC 343i and you will be able to access a host of news, music, sport and shopping sites. Why not book your next holiday with the NEC 343i!

More info here:
UK i-mode site
I-mode Bussiness Strategy

Great! Where can I get one?
On sale for £59.95, but Amazon has it for £39.99.
Buy NEC 343i from Amazon

This is a forerunning post of my new entry category - Gift Ideas. While I take short breaks from work, I'll imagine I have some money to spare, and scout around Amazon to see what I would but as a gift (or would live to receive as a gift *hint hint*).

Yes, this is another one of those sudden-inspriration didn't-think-it-through half-baked projects.


At November 22, 2005 7:54 pm, Blogger Praetoria VIII said...

Hello from London!
I saw this phone as well.Looks good and comes with imode too.

Its freezing here so you people up there must be ultra-freezing I guess with sleet/snow to expect this Friday-Saturday!


At November 22, 2005 8:04 pm, Blogger shawnchin said...

Hiya Preatoria!
Yeah, it was freezing for the last few days, but today was surprisingly nice.

Coming from a country where it's summer all year long, I'm actually enjoying the weather. I was pretty amused when the temp dropped to -7 degrees.

Not sure how much I'll be enjoying it once the artic wind brings in snow.



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