Saturday, April 08, 2006

Peer Pressure

I promised Kampung Boy / City Gal I'd comply after being tagged, so here it is.

School memememememememe

How many schools did I go to?
I'm assuming "school" means pre college/uni, so 4, I think
Farley kindergarten (pre kindergarten actually), Fatima Kindergarten (at age 5-6), Chung Hwa Primary School, and Chung Hwa Secondary School.
An embarassing fact: I spent 13 friggin years in a Chinese School, and yet I can't read/write in chinese to save the whales my life. Why? It's a long story. Perhaps I'll blog about it someday.

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?
I was the last minute studious nerd. I would fail most of my monthly exams, and then work my ass off to ace the finals. Often, teachers find it odd, and I end up being brought to trial by the Vice Principal.

(* not actual conversation, though not too far from the truth)
MF: "You have been charged with cheating during the finals exams. How do you plead??"
Me: "Not guilty your honour. I was dissapointed by my previous grades, and decided to put extra effort into finals. Is this how the school rewards hard work?"
MF: "The jury find you guilty as charged. You will be sentenced to 2 years as a prefect."
Me: "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!"

Was I the class "taiko" or the teacher's pet?
Neither. I was the class clown that no one really understood. Yes, clown. With silly antics, paint-on smile, hiding behind make-up and all.

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?
I broke so many school rules I can't decide which was the biggest. Let me list a few and you decide :)
  • I was a big fat truant. During the last year of High School, I spent more days at the seaside than I did in school. My report card displays my attendance as a 2-digit number. Not bad for a prefect eh ;)

  • Every year, on the last week of school, I set up a casino in class. I usually end up with quite a few students' pocket money.

  • Knowing all the tricks, when I became a prefect, I raided the casinos and confiscated the goods. We (me and another guy, who was later voted Best Prefect of the year. LOL) adjourned to the prefect's room and set up a casino there. The principal later walked in on us :(

  • We once kept a pet in class. A kitten. In the drawer of a desk at the back of the class. We fed it junk food during recess and after school. Can't remember what happened to it. It think we let it go when we got bored of it.

  • I was part of a gang of pranksters. Some of the things we did:
    • put live fish in the water bottle of the teacher's pet
    • thumb tacks / superglue on victim's chair
    • placed stink bomb under teacher's chair
    • Locked teacher's pet's spectales with a padlock. We only gave him the key after a few hours. He couldn't see without his glasses, and so he had the padlock on his face for quite a while :)
    • Sneaked into the chemistry lab store and mixed up a whole bunch of chemicals. We were hoping for an explosion. No such luck.
Err.. and a lot more actually. Won't be listing all because: a) Lazy liao, and b) Some things aren't meant to be told ;)

Three subjects I enjoyed.
Additional Maths (I was good at it), Physics (it made more sense that any other subject), and Accounting (easy. No class needed. Just read through past papers and score!).

Three teachers that inspired me
My mom (she's a teacher), my dad (he's a teacher as well), and .... err... hmmm.

Actually, all my past teachers have inspired me in one what or another.
The good ones made believe that I could achieve great things; the bad ones motivated me to prove them wrong; and the mediocre ones, well, watching them made me realise that if I did not do something with my life, I would end up like them - doing work they don't enjoy, and being labeled "mediocre" by their students.

-- DONE --

(don't worry. I'm not tagging anyone)

Since, for once, I'm doing a blogger thingy, I might as well go overboard. Everyone's been trying out the MyHeritage Face Recognition thingamagic, so I gave it a shot. With my best photo.

I look like Chad Michael Murray, Francis Crick, and Zhang Ziyi. Heheh.

Yes. That's my face. Part of it anyway.


At April 09, 2006 12:25 pm, Blogger KampungboyCitygal said...

Haha..Parents are teachers..But ur such a rule breaker..Btw where's ur home town? There's quite a number of chung hwas in Msia

At April 09, 2006 12:54 pm, Blogger shawnchin said...

Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

At April 09, 2006 2:43 pm, Anonymous sunny said...

Wah u so daring and adventurous! So cool!! :D

At April 10, 2006 12:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

best prefect among the worst... :) remember all the plank wood we stole to burn at the beach ? hehehe.. that was fun.

At April 10, 2006 12:31 am, Blogger shawnchin said...

*ahem* What plank?? What beach?? Who are you?? hehehe..

bugger. Incriminate me while you stay anonymous. :p

At April 10, 2006 2:32 am, Blogger Shirley Ong said...

When are you going to blog about your famous chinese essays?

At April 10, 2006 7:26 am, Anonymous ronlim said...

penang kia oso ah? ho seh boh?
no wonder. so much food on ur blog lol

At April 10, 2006 7:56 am, Blogger wan said...

prefect? physic? woo

chad murray? :D

At April 10, 2006 2:39 pm, Blogger shawnchin said...

shirley: that wan long story. perhaps someday will blog about it. When my skin thicker a bit :p

ronlim: Hoh Seh!! Not penang lang, but klantan lang. Same same lah. Speak crude hokkien, and like to eat all the time :)

wan: Yeah. prefect. Hard to believe hoh... Chad? I think i look more like Zhang Ziyi lah.. ;)

At April 11, 2006 5:47 pm, Anonymous the other blogger :> said... we go wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back since age 5 then.
strangely, reading this makes me remember when we were debating partners....little kids chasing after us calling "Mr.Bean!! Mr.Bean!!"

At April 11, 2006 5:54 pm, Blogger shawnchin said...

heheh... and also the time when we arrive at a school and there were girls upstairs looking down at us. I was trying to look cool... climb out of car.. close the door..
*kiak* .. side view mirror fell off


... big embarassment (besar kemaluan???)

miss the good ol' days lah. They were good times, spent with great people.


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