Monday, May 15, 2006

Mountain Patrol

“If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put yourself into a condition conducive to your goal.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale ~

Since my secondary school days, crouching at the desk in the library/room in preparation for exams never was my thing. I've always opted for more radical locations - PCB, seminar room in a Hotel my friend's mom manages, Cafes (Starbucks in IOI Mall Puchong was pretty decent), Hospital foyers, etc.

For the recent (and 'lastest') exams, my study location of choice was Holyrood Park. More often than not, you'd find me on the peak of Arthur's Seat (middle of panaromic pic above) or Salisbury's Crags, mugging away a few hours of my life.

The view from above was spectacular - overseeing the city of edinburgh, numerous lakes and golf courses, the sea, and the highlands some distance away.

Here are some photos I took with my dinky ol' camera phone (resampled, resize, and enhanced):

One of my fav study spots on Salisbury's Crags.

My shadow saying "Hi" to you.

... and other randon shots

Another (panaromic) view from the peak of Arthur's Seat. The bulge of land in the middle of the pic is Salisbury's Crags, and the bulge person on the right is Yeng Yee.

Yeng Yee and Chuan dropped by Edinburgh for a visit a week before my exams. It was great fun - good food, good beer, good company. The day before going up the hill, we spent the whole night designing planes using cardboard boxes.

The mission: launch the planes from the peak of Arthur's Seat. Have it fly as far as possible.
The results: hehehehe.. plane couldn't fly, so we played baseball with it.

I took several unplanned video clips, which maestro chuan later spliced into the trailer of Mountain Patrol.

We now call Arthur's Seat 打飞机的山. *cheeky grin*


At May 15, 2006 7:28 pm, Blogger Heike said...

"For the freedom of their souls .." :O I see ..
"Himalaya" .. ahaaa ..
"peaceful land" ... so so ..

highly interesting video clip :D

Have learnt something about "The peaceful land which is no more AND the people who live in harmony with nature" *giggle*

At May 16, 2006 7:12 am, Blogger Shirley Ong said...

I like the shadow. :) But still prefer the pic of the shadow's owner :p

At May 16, 2006 8:27 am, Blogger Fashionasia said...


At May 16, 2006 2:36 pm, Anonymous Lee Ann said...

aiyo pakcik...a bit disturbing la the video of you guys bashing up the planes...:P

At May 16, 2006 2:56 pm, Blogger william said...

i am seriously traumatized by your despicable acts towards innocent and defenseless paper airplanes.

At May 17, 2006 6:16 pm, Blogger shawnchin said...

The planes deserved it!

Spent the whole night building and testing them, and after all the effort of climbing up the hill, they refused to fly :p

Btw, the guys spinning in the beginning of the clip was our version of a wind tunnel test. Hold the plane lightly, and as you spin, you can feel the plane tilt or roll. Sorta like an 'aerodynamicity' and balance test. Heheh..


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