Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Back in Sekok-land

Once again, I'm away from home. Yes, I'm back in Edinburgh.

I was welcomed back to the cold glum apartment by a strange sense of unfamilliarity. That's weird. I was only gone for a month.

Took me a while to realise that I was living with different people now. It seems the rice cooker and cleaver my ex-housemate moved out in the shadows of christmas and new year. Crap. Now I can't cook rice. Anyone has a rice cooker to spare?

Classes have started. Subjects this sem are simply brain wrecking. Halfway through the first (introductory) session, we were already foaming in the mouth. Blleegghh...

ok. Enough grumbling. On to more important matters - the Hit List!

* Bak Kut Teh
* Maggie Goreng & Roti Canai
* Claypot Chicken Rice + Chinese Herbal soup
* Klang seafood
* Tapas in Mont Kiara
* Authentic Japanese food + Sake in Sri Hartamas
* Thai Food hidden in the corners of Wakaf Bharu

* Everything else in the list
* Lots of other stuff to make up for the misses

Not too bad lah.

Photos? Err.. Only have a few. Was too busy eating to bother about photos. Here are the few I managed to take (some were taken off my old albums. Same food, so jadi lah)

Fried La-La (clams) in Seapark, PJ. Eaten with Hokkien Mee (no, not the penang style soupy prawn mee. The authentic black black thick thick hokkien mee).

Sio Phak Huu (fighting fish). It's actually just a mata kucing drink. The name comes from the container the drink is served in - glass jars commonly used to store fighting fishe. The pieces of mata kuching act as the fish I guess.

Penang Laksa. With lots of otak udang and shredded fish.

Braised octopus served in fried garlic/onion and fragrant oil. Dipped chilly sauce topped generously with ground nuts. Available at this famous open air stall in from of some old cinema in Butterworth.

Haeer Kohh (Brother prawn @ Mantis prawns) at a seafood restaurant in Bukit Tambun.

Kam Hiong crabs. Also at Bukit Tambun.

Lazing around at Starbucks, with a wonderful mug of Americano laced with a little honey. Please ignore the T-shirt in the background :p

Steamboat at night in Cameron Highlands. Heavenly.

Having a relaxing cup of tea in the midst of a tea plantation. Boh plantation, Cameron Highlands.

Dim sum in butterworth. Bloody cheap too.

Dim Sum above + this plate of sang mee... 5 fellas eating.. including drinks... less than RM30. Where else can get???

Finally, coconut water!!

Get your Coconut water,
Good for your daughter,
Make you strong like a lion,
Give you plenty of iron !!!!

"Coconut Woman"
~ Irving Burgie, circa 1950


At January 12, 2006 8:54 am, Anonymous Hodgie said...

pakcik! i got an extra rice cooker somewhere. I cari and i give u on saturday?

At January 12, 2006 11:28 am, Blogger shawnchin said...

Fantabulous!! can save 20 pounds. hehehe...


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