Sunday, February 12, 2006

Turning Muslim in Texas

Here's a 24 minute documentary on people reverting to Islam in Texas. Credit goes to Lynn, a friend/reader, who provided the link to the video.

I'm not big on commenting about faith or religion, and am practically a wus when it comes to partaking in discussions that would lead to any form of controversy.

As such, I'm taking a stand of being neither for nor against the sentiments expressed in video. I find the video interesting, and leave it up to you to interpret the meaning and implications.

I believe the video was also broadcast on Channel 4 based on the reference in the credit roll.

Excerpts taken from here:
The documentary explores the lives of several Texan families. Muslim and Non Muslim, and their views about Islam and life in the West.

George W Bush may be backed by Christian fundamentalists but in his home state of Texas, Islam is the latest big draw. The Bible belt is transferring its allegiance to the Quran because, for many erstwhile Christians, believe it or not, the church is too liberal.

Hosted by Google Video.

p.s. Consider this an intermission. Back to food food food right after this ;)


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