Thursday, November 16, 2006

Liturn of the Jedi

My comeback to cooking has not lead to anything fancy or elaborate.

Started simple with a pile of salad, and one of those pop-in-the-over-and-you're-done chicken kiev.

Next, I opted for something I was comfortable with -- massive sandwiches with lots of assorted stuff thrown in. This one had an omelette, corned beef fried with onions and Maepranom crushed chilly, cheese, ketchup, cucumber, and shredded roast chicken.

Was initially planning to wrap everthing in the omelette, ala Nasi Goreng Pataya, but I got carried away and piled on too much. So end up tak jadi. My egg not tua liap enuff :p

The one I enjoyed most (preparing and eating), was the roasted chicken wing with cheese omelette. Not the most healthy meal, but when has that ever mattered? It hit the spot, and that's what counts.

Chicken wing I play cheating wan, just bought pre-marinated pieces, and throw in my kuno oven.

The cheese omelette is what I like to consider my specialty - crispy on the outside, runny and cheesy on the inside. Enhanced with onions (slow cooked till soft and sweet), spring onions, Death Sprinkles, and mince meat (or lap cheong).

Not a bad start I guess. Hopefully I don't loose steam and end up eating instant microwave food again.


At November 17, 2006 12:15 am, Blogger boo_licious said...

Great to see u are back! No heavy breathing, ok?

At November 18, 2006 3:44 pm, Anonymous sunny said...

how u make ur specialty cheese ommelete? can teach the step by step?

At November 21, 2006 8:30 am, Blogger .eiffel.amani. said...

yay! ur back!

At November 23, 2006 10:23 pm, Blogger shawnchin said...

boo: thanks

ayu: Yes i am :)

sunny: Will try and put up a post on that some day, when i get back from my holidays.


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