Tuesday, January 16, 2007

pork madness

woot! this is yeng yee, or yengs la. easier. :)

first of all, must do the customary thank you to yang berhormat tuan punya blog ini. so, many many good fortune to you shawn hehe.

so shawn, chuan and i planned to gather during the weekend for some good cooking and good eating. unfortunately chuan was caught up with his digital fantasy adventures and feigned ignorance to his fellow foodies. not the types to be dismissed, we held our noses higher, flared our nostrils at him and walked on.

chuan, this is what you missed man!

this is only a quarter portion of the ribs we bought. crazy eh? we had this for supper saturday night, and man was it delicious with some beer. i'm gonna let the food pic speak for itself and share the recipe instead.

finely chop up some garlic, ginger, coriander, bird's eye chilli. mix them up in a bowl with some fish sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil. let the marinade sit for a bit to infuse all the flavours, and then pour it all over the ribs. it's best to let the ribs marinate overnight, but if desperate then 10 minutes will do.

preheat oven to about 220c. put the ribs in for about 1/2 hr then switch to grill for about 10 minutes, or until you're happy with the doneness.

i must say that this makes an excellent midnight snack. saturday night ended good :)

next day was bak kut teh! whheee! don't know about you, but for me there's not many things better than a good bak kut teh brunch on a sunday. except maybe spongebob or samurai jack.

if you don't expect to achieve best-in-klang-road-stall type bak kut teh, it is actually very simple to cook and can be delicious too. all you need are some pork ribs, meat (belly if you can get it, else chops with some fat in it), garlic, and a good packet of bak kut teh spice.

in our case, it was Lian's for the job. even comes with a separate marinade for the meat. high class man.

put the spice sachets into the wok together with lots of garlic and water. bring all of it to a boil and enjoy the aroma. then put in the marinated pork and simmer for about an hour.

about 10 minutes before serving, put in some dried tofu (tau pok) and some mushrooms. lettuce too if so preferred. toss in some coriander as garnish....and ta da!

those fat fingers are not mine by the way, hehe.

at this point we were ready to return to our caveman instincts. meat! meat! man eat meat! but as any bak kut teh connoisseur worth his salt will tell you, the meal is not complete without a good side dish and an excellent chilli dipping sauce.
enter our kick-ass works of art.

if all these doesn't make your taste buds tingle with love and fill you with orgasmic vibes...you seriously need to enjoy life more. drinking more beer will help.
we finished all that in two sittings, lunch and dinner. well, the sittings were only 2 hrs apart, so it doesn't really count. but hey, it was as good as it gets. i couldn't ask for more.
the beatles said that all you need is love. last weekend, all we needed was pork. *burp*


At January 23, 2007 1:54 pm, Blogger ngyahloon said...

eat too much pork, until kena porked at the paintball arena, so I've heard:P

At February 06, 2007 9:00 am, Blogger Nosh'lette (aka. mying) said...

I love the pics of food on your blog - makes me soo home sick!


Shiok though


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