Sunday, April 01, 2007

Go Frozen (Part 3)

(this is a follow up on part 1 and part 2)

Another fast dish I used to cook as a student -- chai pui (vege rice). Something like wa tan hor, but with rice.

Using the same method of defrosting the chicken (chucked into boiling water with some onions, and brewed for a while), the chicken is then deboned and the meat chucked back into the chicken water broth. If the chicken was particularly fatty, you'd have some scum floating on the surface. Spoon it out (and feed it to someone you hate).

Add in some vege, and let it brew a while more. If the chicken has been cooked long enough, the broth would be tasting mighty good by now. Just add in some salt and pepper to taste.

Let it reduce a little, then add in an egg and stir gently to get streaks. Thicken with corn flour if you so desire, and serve over hot rice.

Serve with the standard cili padi, garlic, kicap dip.

For the health conscious, did I mention that not a drop of oil was used? Furthermore, much of the fat from the chicken could be spooned out from the surface of the broth


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