Friday, February 24, 2006

Sampan Kebab

This dish was inspired by Silencer's post.

By the way, the term kebab here is used in a very loose sense. No meat roasting on rotating skewers involved here. I adopted the name due to the fact that the final product resembles that of how kebab is often served in malaysia - mixed with some vege, mayonaise, onions, ..., wrapped in a bun/pita.

Why call it sampan kebab? We'll see soon enough.

The pita that I had lying around in my cupboard finally came in handy.

I've always thought of a kebab as a heavenly blend of opposing taste and texture. And so I toyed around with ideas having that in mind, and decided to use layered fillings.

The bottom layer will be the fried/meaty/spicy one. (clockwise from top: red and green pepper, quater-pounder beef burger, diced mushrooms, onions, a little tomato)

The burger is first pan-grilled till the crust is crispy. It is then shredded up and stir-fried with the rest of the ingredients.

Once the mushrooms looked cook, some pasta sauce and mad dog are added.

Spicy meaty ingredient of the Sampan Kebab.

The next layer is the cool, fresh layer. I only had cucumbers and tomatoes, which I guess is sufficient.

Prepping this layer is just a mater of adding in some mayonaise, salt, ground pepper, and a few drops of lime.

The pita bread was then grilled lightly, and halved length-wise.

The first layer was filled in.

and then the next.

To add in even more variety in texture, I added a layer of crushed potato chips (pringles would do just fine) followed by grated mozzarella cheese.

Then, back under the grill they went for the final touches.

The finished product!

It was really fun to eat, and not as messy as i expected. Everything held together nicely after each bite.


So, back to the question - why sampan kebab?



At February 25, 2006 12:11 pm, Blogger boo_licious said...

Yummy. I used to add potato crisps too in my tuna casseroles when I was in uni.

At February 25, 2006 2:35 pm, Anonymous ronlim said...

oh bloddy hell ur making me hungry

At February 26, 2006 1:26 pm, Anonymous sunny said...

so yummy. haven't had kebabs for a long time...

At February 27, 2006 1:11 am, Blogger shawnchin said...

I still miss eating kebab in malaysia though. The kind you buy at roadside, and eat with the ketchup and mayo flowing down your hands. hehe..

Haven't had that in ages. Dunno now still got or not. Last I saw was at some pasar malam.

At February 28, 2006 2:28 pm, Blogger KampungboyCitygal said...

**Busy Copying** Suits me - Student's Meal

At February 28, 2006 2:59 pm, Blogger shawnchin said...

hehe.. got another one coming up that might be suitable too.. student version of Fajitas ;)

At March 04, 2006 1:20 pm, Blogger Silencers said...

Yours is wayyy healthier and more wicked than mine, lol. Awesome stuff ^^


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