Thursday, February 23, 2006

Green Devil Wasabi Sauce

[Another touch-and-go post.]

Spotted the Green Devil Wasabi Sauce during my weekly shopping at Sainsbury's.

Quoted from here:
Hot Oz sauces are a fiery heat from down under! Hot Oz are the definite “Australian hot sauces” marrying unique, natural Australian ingredients with the chilli and spices of Asia, India and the Americas and a range in chilli power from a mild heat that tickles the palate, through to “damned hot!”

This was what made me add the bottle to my shopping basket - "A wicked blend of Japanese wasabi, a touch of habanero chilli and mountain pepper".

Wah lau eh.. Sounds wicked indeed!

The setup for the taste test - Sausages, baked chillie mushrooms and a bull's eye.



Don't get me wrong. It was pleasant tasting, and would definitely go well with a range of food.

How did it taste like? Somewhat like mustard diluted in mayonaise. Ahh... you know the mustard dip you can ask for when you order Chicken Nugget in McDonalds? It taste EXACTLY like that.

So what's the problem?

No tear-inducing wasabi effect.
No traces of habanero. (more like haba-zero. Coincidentally, haba is a malay word for 'heat'. Hehhe.. ok. lame joke. Just forget it.)
... and what about those f[backspace]clucking mountain peppers?? Aren't they supposed to be up to five times hotter than other peppers? Bollocks.

Nevermind. Mad Dog to the rescue. :)

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