Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A little too late for thanksgiving

Here's me sharing my roast turkey dish from a while back. Got the turkey real cheap from Sainsbury's. Pre-marinated too :)

Cooked it as stated on the packaging. Since the turkey was slow roasted, lots of juice got accumulated at the bottom of the pan. Saved the juice and made my own pour over sauce to kick things up a notch.

For the sauce, I caramelised some onions (i.e. fried on low heat till the onions became soft and sweet), then increased the heat and poured in the juice from the turkey. When the juice has been reduced to about half, added in some soy sauce, pepper, and dried herbs. Wala! The sauce is done.

Served sliced turkey on a bed of salad, and drizzled on the sauce liberally. This was the first time I really enjoyed eating turkey :)


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