Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stir Fry Beef With Green Chilies and Pepper

This is a dish that takes that classic stir fry beef with green pepper and modifies it by adding some fiery green chilies. It only takes two steps(Well, big ones).

First, marinate the beef slices (~5mm thick) with soy sauce and corn flour for 30 mins. Deep fry them and keep them for later.

Then, fry some chopped ginger (1/4 thumb size), garlics and onions for 1-2 mins. Add in sliced peppers, chilies, baby corns and chopped spring onions. continue to stir fry for a while. For the flavour, soya sauce, ketchup, and caramelised thick soya sauce (oyster sauce could have been ideal, but I ran out of it).

Stir fry for 2-3 mins, and add in the fried beef slices. Continue stir fry for 2 mins and it is ready to serve.

It went well with rice. It was also good with noodles for the next day, and the day afterwards :)

It didn't taste hot as what I would have expected it to me. It was more sweet than hot. Well, this was fixed with a little bit of this insanely hot powder.



At April 28, 2007 6:41 pm, Blogger Рερρёřрōυяяī said...

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At April 28, 2007 6:44 pm, Blogger Рερρёřрōυяяī said...

Sorry, made a mistake earlier =) The dish looks really tempting! Definitely a recipe to take note of.

At April 29, 2007 2:08 pm, Blogger BengChuan said...

many thanks :)

At May 01, 2007 11:19 am, Anonymous Kay said...

More sweet then hot, I will take it... I can't eat hot food!

At May 01, 2007 11:59 pm, Blogger BengChuan said...

Hot food is nice. I can take it.. but my stomach just.. well, it will not be a pleasant experience :)

At May 03, 2007 1:46 pm, Blogger Hengster said...

When u coming back? i want to makan also...

last time when u guys are in dengkil...u guys are not so experimental with food one.. i only heard of experiments with liquour.

At May 03, 2007 11:53 pm, Blogger BengChuan said...

I went back to Malaysia last February. It will be the next Chinese New Year then.

Not many choices of food to pick in uk, most of them are expensive...that's when cooking experiments start :)


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